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My Home Office Update With Nathan James

Karina Ramos

The Karina Ramos | Business Coach and Modern CEO

Finally! I have been talking about redoing my home office for sooo long now and I have been putting it off because I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with the space BUT the time has finally come. I am going to reveal to you what I have been working on behind the scenes, as well as share with you my top three reasons why you should prioritize making your home office as beautiful and inspiring as it can be. 

My two new favorite office staples have to be my Nathan James Leighton Desk and my Ellipse Storage Unit

Nathan James is a furniture company created by female entrepreneur Brooklyn Burdon. Like all entrepreneurs, Brooklyn faced a problem and created a solution that not only benefited her but benefited others like her, who wanted beautiful furniture, without the price tag or the Ikea instructions. 

As a creative, having a beautiful workspace is a must. I know we tell ourselves that it isn’t a priority but now that my space is complete, I am feeling such a huge shift in my productivity and just being excited to get into my office and work! Having a dedicated space to build your dreams will help motivate you to take action daily. Here are my top three reasons why you should prioritize making your home office a place that inspires you. 


Increasing your productivity alone is probably the biggest reason why you should make your office space a priority. This was the most instant shift for me. I woke up every day, excited to get into my office and get to work. I hung up my vision board, my favorite photos and my goals for the rest of 2019. Just seeing those around me as I worked on my normal daily task, pushed me to stay in my zone. I had my why displayed all around me along with my favorite things and it motivated me to show up for myself and my business every day. 

Content Backdrop 

Now that you have a beautiful office space that you love to be in, you have no excuse not to create content consistently. You now have the perfect backdrop for your Instagram Stories or Facebook lives. I made sure to keep all of the elements of my home office, such as the colors and the decor, as on-brand as possible. This made sure I could record training’s or even take brand photos in my office. This will also ensure you maintain brand consistency throughout all of your imagery. To learn more about building your legendary brand, check out this blog post.

Business Write Off 

This reason should excite you! Having a designated office space is tax-deductible. Hellooo savings! Taxes usually scares people because they don’t understand them. As a business owner, you have to run your business legally by paying taxes but of course, be smart about where you can cut expenses. If you use your office regularly (as you should be!) you can write off a percentage of your rent, utilities, repairs and pretty much anything else associated with those related expenses. If you use it for your business, it can be a deduction! Including the beautiful furniture or decor pieces you decide to put in there. Here is more information on this deduction on the IRS website. 

At this point, I think I have stressed to you enough the importance of having a home office and beautiful space you can grow your dreams in. It doesn’t take much to transform a space. Make sure it is infused with all of your favorite things!

I can’t wait to see how you transform your space! Make sure to connect with me on Instagram and slide into my DMs with photos! 

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