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Why Your Business Needs a Signature Program

Karina Ramos

What if you could create 1 product that you could sell on autopilot over and over with the potential to generate consistent cash flow in your business? 

What if you were the go-to expert for the results your program delivers?

What if you could tell people what you do confidently and without hesitation?

What if you felt confident charging premium pricing for your services and programs? While filling them up with soul mate clients just waiting to pay you in full.

How would your life and business change? 

I am sure you are probably like, “Yea yea Karina, how great would life be if everything was perfect.” (Insert eye roll emoji here) 

Trust me, when I first started my business, I was banging my head against the wall trying to figure out why my programs weren’t selling. I too rolled my eyes at every online entrepreneur claiming to make six-figure cash months while sitting on the side of a pool with a pina colada in their hand. 

What all of these six and seven-figure business owners had that I didn’t? Not more drive or a stronger work ethic or a bigger community. They had systems and programs in place that they repeatedly sold to drive sales and results for their clients. It was easy for them to scale because they had a product that they were 100% confident about. Not only selling it but repeatedly selling it with consistent results. 

Until I created my first signature program, I didn’t get it. Now I understand the value in creating a signature solution that only I can offer to lead my ideal client to the results she was desiring. 

A signature program will distinguish you from others in your industry and make you the go-to for that topic or result. 

Imagine this…

You wake up to find your calendar booked solid with sales calls with hot leads that can’t wait to pay for your program in full. 

You effortlessly sell out your new group coaching program and inject an extra $15,000 cash into your business. 

You feel the freedom you have been craving since you first set your heart and mind out to build your empire. 

Doesn’t that feel amazing? 

If you are ready to start living the life you set out for, your service based business needs a signature program. 

In this blog post, I am going to outline my top two reasons why your business needs a signature program. These are the two main reasons that made me finally sit my butt down and create one and, I am so happy that I did. 

Passive Income + Multiple Streams of Revenue 

Who doesn’t want to make money while on vacation with their family or sick in bed with the flu? I don’t know about you but Passive Income is my favorite kind of monetary income in my business. It allows me to have the ultimate freedom and flexibility within my business strategy and is honestly the main reason why I knew I needed to create a signature program. 

As a coach, I am only 1 person and I was limited to how many people I can service. Having a program that I could develop 1 time and then turn it into multiple streams of revenue seemed like the perfect solution. Not only would it allow me to service an unlimited amount of people but I also now have an unlimited amount of ways to monetize my program. 

Once I developed my signature program, got super clear on the results that I was offering and created an incredible onboarding experience for my client, I was able to take that program and turn it into multiple streams of revenue. 

So not only did I have 1 impactful 1:1 program that I could serve my ideal clients with and bring them killer results over and over again but now I was able to offer that same program in different formats. 

My signature program has been turned into: 

  • A group coaching program
  • A digital course
  • A 2-Day In-Person Mastermind Intensive 
  • A Retreat

Which has allowed me to generate multiple six figures into my business with just 1 program curriculum and serve hundreds of more people. Do you see how valuable that is? 0

Maximize your authority within your industry 

What is the best way to build authority within your industry and establish yourself as an expert?

More followers?

Bigger email list? 

Better Facebook ads?

NOPE! The best way to build your authority within your industry is through your results

Your favorite online entrepreneur to follow online probably has a great purse collection and funny Instagram stories but the real reason why you follow her? Her results! Her ability to transform her client’s lives and her own. The inspiration she gives you to go all in on your dreams and make shit happen. 

That is what distinguishes the experts from everyone else. 

By creating a signature program, you gain confidence in your ability to lead your ideal client to the results she is desiring. When you have a clear and direct offer, your audience has no confusion on who you are, what you do and what resolution your program offers. They trust in your ability to lead them which allows you to impact your ideal client in a deeper way. Which leads to bigger and better results each time!

By taking the time to create a signature program for your business, you are setting yourself up for growth and freedom in your business.

The process I am sharing with you now is what I also share in my programs that has generated millions of dollars in sales for my client’s businesses. It has allowed me to build a multiple six-figure business with ease and flow while maintaining my sanity, consistently growing my income and working with some of the most incredible, badass women on the planet.  

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