Video Trainings

HoneyBook Training 

Automate your client on-boarding process with my favorite CRM. A Step-By Step walkthrough.

Pricing Your Services & Packages

A training designed to support you in determining your rates.


scale to six-figures

Design Your Ideal Client - An Audio Exercise

Grab your journal and answer the questions with as much detail as possible so that you can get clear on who exactly is your ideal client. There is no right or wrong way to do this and understand that over time, with experience, you are going to tailor the way you do things to match your vision.

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business tools

The software I use everyday

If you are a service provider or coach with 1:1 clients, onboarding your clients, keeping track of your projects, and collecting payment has never been easier. Save 50% off your first year and completely automate your workflow. 

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Email automation is EVERYTHING. I use Aweber to automate all of my emails and to send my community updates. You can create seperate list, integrate it with leadpages or your website and they have amazing customer service! #win 

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99designs is my go-to for beautiful brand design. They make it easy to work with professional, creative experts from around the world and build your brand through custom, memorable design. I have worked with them to create client websites and product packaging.

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If you want a beautiful website that gives your ideal client a beautiful online experience, but have ZERO web experience, then ShowIt is the way to go. They have a beautiful interface, seamless templates and you can get your website up in 24hrs or less. 

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If you are ready to move on from Canva, as a creative you should have access to professional design software to help you create beautiful ebooks, logos and website graphics. I also love using Lightroom to edit all of our brand imagery! 

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Digital courses are an effective way to get information to your ideal client. It is also a great form of passive income for your business. Thinkific allows you to host your first three courses for free! Holla! No excuses not to create a course. 

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Interact is one of the best quiz platforms out there. I have been using them for years and quizzes are one of my favorite ways to build my email list and nurture my audience with content that they love. Try it now for yourself!

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I use Moonclerk to process all of my payments with my clients and it is also how I process payment plans. You can create unlimited forms and payment options. You also have full control over how the payment plan is set up. I love the flexibility! 

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This is one of my favorite productivity tools. If you want to get organized and create a flow for your systems, ClickUp is amazing! I use ClickUp to organize my content, collaborate on projects, as well as share content with my team and clients.

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You want more insight into my favorite tools?

Everything I use to run my business.

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steal my settings to looked airbrushed on your video calls! 


You are so ready to take your business to the next level. All of the frustration, overwhelm and fear that you are blasting through right now? It is all going to be worth it. Keep going. Keep shining. Keep putting your art into the world, beautiful. 

tech tools

The tools I use everyday

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macbook pro

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ring light

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CEO Talks


In this training I walk you through the process of setting up your email list to expand your reach.

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In this training I guide you through the pros and cons of the three main legal business structures.

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In this training I guide you through some thought questions to ask yourself prior to hiring a VA.


Coming Soon!

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the secret to my success

The Hustle Flow Daily Planner from Hustle Flow Daily is all about balancing business with daily self care and personal development to help you build your empire on a strong foundation. 

Your business is an extension of you which means your business won’t flourish if you don’t. The planner includes tons of writing space to track your business growth, organize your day (by the hour or even half hour!), and map out your monthly goals to design your freedom on your terms and help you step into being the modern CEO you want to be.

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