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Hey! I'm Karina Ramos

Business coach, entrepreneur, and ultimate modern CEO - I am redefining the meaning of entrepreneurship.

business coaching package for the Modern CEO who is ready to design her freedom and elevate her business foundations to support her vision.

A full service done-for-you-and-with-you

You have been at this for a while and you're RIGHT there! It's like you can literally taste that NEXT level of success. 

But for some reason you haven’t been able to break through. 

The impact you’re generating, the money you’re currently making, and the clients you’re working with are great – but you know that, deep down, they don’t fully align with the true vision you have for your life and business. 

you can see it so clearly...

You are no stranger to putting in the work but after a few years of giving everything you’ve got to your business you still feel like an employee of your business instead of the CEO – and you’re still trading time for dollars. 

here's what I know to be true...

Your clients LOVE you – yet you feel like you are spreading yourself thin between their needs and your own. 

You know you need to be investing in additional support to scale your business – you just have no idea where to start and the people you have had hired (or currently have on your team) have no idea how to guide you to your next level of success. They still fully depend on you. 

You have multiple programs and services but you don’t have a signature process and framework that distinguishes you from everyone else in your industry - OR - you are ready to evolve past it.

You are great at creating content and you know that it should be seen by more people but getting it in front of those people is where you’re stuck. You're ready to be seen in your industry.

You are making money - but you desire MORE to get to where you are going you know you need to expand your capability to receive and diversify your income. You know deep down in your heart you are meant to create generational wealth and live a life beyond your wildest imagination.

You want to just snap your fingers and have it done – having that vision in your mind for your ideal business and life brought into reality in a way that feels effortless and aligned. You are exhausted from trying to piece your business together little by little and you are ready to hand it over to an experienced team that can bring it to life.

While my team is working on elevating your brand identity, business foundations, and systems – you and I are going to focus on YOU and get clear on your expanded vision. I am dedicated to helping you achieve your next level of success within your life and business. 

Together we will build the foundation of your legendary brand and create a strategy to scale your business, income, and impact. Your multimillion dollar ideas will finally have the home they need to flourish - sustainably. 

This is the next level of becoming a true Modern CEO


⟶ 12 month 1:1 coaching package with hands-on strategy implementation 
⟶ Unlimited email and a private client portal for mentoring
⟶ Review and revise anything that you submit 
⟶ 24 x 1:1 sessions total

• 1 x initial evaluation session to get to know you and your business vision
• 22 x 1:1 strategy sessions
• 1 x prep session for your custom photo and video shoot 
• 1 x All inclusive 3-Day CEO Weekend Experience

⟶ All Inclusive 3-Day CEO Weekend

• Private chef
• Hair and makeup
• Custom photo and video shoot

⟶ Team building and management support

• Supporting you in hiring (and firing) accordingly to support your growth goals


Helping you embody your inner modern CEO and transforming your mindset is my number 1 priority. I have the tools and experience to guide you through the biggest transformation of your life and business yet. 

I am here to help you uncover the self-imposed limitations that are holding you back and unleash the version of you that will allow you to become the physical manifestation of your dreams. 

I am board-certified through the IBCP as a:

Master Life and Success Coach 
Master Neuro-Linguistics Practitioner 
Master Hypnotherapist 
Master TIME Techniques Practitioner 
EFT Practitioner 
I AM Also a board certified trainer of ALL OF these modalities 

These modalities are incorporated into everything that I do with you and are intended to hold massive space for your elevation. 


⟶ Includes access to my signature program The Freedom Foundation and all other programs or workshops released in the year you are a client.
⟶ All 1:1 sessions are customized to you in alignment with my signature framework for building the foundation of a seven-figure+ business – to break it down simply, we will be digging into every single area of your life and business to bridge the gap between where you are and where you desire to be. 
⟶ You will have a weekly plan of action to grow and scale your business with confidence consistently. We also support and mentor your team members. 
⟶ High conversion copy for your website and 1 email sales funnel. 
⟶ Custom marketing and sales plan. 
⟶ Review and grow your organic and paid growth strategies. 
⟶ A visibility strategy that leverages your personal brand (Ready to speak on stage? Host a retreat? Write a book? Launch a product? Podcast? This is your time).


⟶ 1 custom website created on Showit

• Homepage
• About Page
• Contact Page
• Signature Offer/Service Page
• Lead Magnet Opt-In Page/Tripwire opt-in page
If Needed: Product Packaging and Development/Or Event Branding 

⟶ Your elevated brand identity

• Logo
• Brand assets (business card, email signature, etc)
• Newsletter email templates
• Social media templates (stories/infeed post)
• 1 lead magnet template for webinar workbook or ebook

⟶ Website copy for 5 pages 
⟶ Custom photoshoot and video shoot during your CEO Weekend

Suggested software like email marketing and website hosting is not included and to be paid by the client. *If client needs additional website pages, they can be added on for an additional cost


⟶ 3 System Set Up (this will be custom to you, for example):

• ClickUp for content and team management
• Email marketing for community nurturing 
• HoneyBook for onboarding new clients 
Just sit back and let my team and I take care of it for you. 

⟶ Email marketing set up and copy for 1 funnel (lead magnet - tripwire - final offer) *Suggested software like email marketing and website hosting is not included and to be paid by the client
⟶ We will discuss your team structure and ensure you have the aligned support in place to scale your vision
⟶ You will have a business backend and software structure that will grow and evolve with you consistently 


⟶ CEO Weekend for your photo shoot, video shoot, and your business implementation where we will finalize your branding (This includes: virtual copy session with the team, design presentation to finalize your brand identity, 1:1 session to prepare for photoshoot, and overview your hair, makeup, and clothing).

• 3 Days: 9am-7pm (Includes - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack Breaks)
• A personal stylist, along with hair and makeup artist on set  
• Includes: Private Chef, Photography, Videography, 1:1 mentoring 
Your Roundtrip Airfare, Transportation and Hotel stay are included

⟶ Systems and software implementation 
⟶ A step by step plan to get your business launched or relaunched - a clear plan of action to generate the income and impact you know you are meant for 
⟶ An integration session with your team to optimize your workflow 
⟶ Event Planning Support (Retreats, etc) 

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Your Revolutionary Brand & Foundation





brand, website, copy








total value:



Payment Plan? Your deposit is $20,000 and monthly payments are $6,500.

Best for entrepreneurs that are clear on what they want, have a community they can monetize, and are ready to elevate their brand experience and profit now. 

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• Visibility Strategy
• Hiring/Onboarding/Off-boarding/SOPs
• CEO Embodiment 
• Brand Identity 
• High Conversion Copy 
• Systems/Structure Evaluation 
• Business Systems + recommendations for upgrades or downgrades for your current business system to support your growth 
• Brands voice and mission statement
• Media and PR
• Goal planning + Implementing
• That book you have been wanting to write? That stage you have been wanting to speak on? That publication you want to be featured on? Now is the time.
• Social Strategy
• Growth goals and Marketing outlines for the year
• Performance and KPI tracking 
• Launching and Profit Planning
• Organic growth and sales
• Ideal Client Profile
• Audience Demographics
• Paid Advertisement
• Editorial Calendar + designing your ideal schedule 
• Batching + automating 
• Sales Funnels 
• Email Sequence 
• Brands aesthetic + imagery 
• Marketing Strategy
• Your Signature Framework + Product Suite 
• Your on-boarding + off-boarding process
• Scaling, launching and profitability 

we will work on:

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