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Hey! I'm Karina Ramos

Business coach, entrepreneur, and ultimate modern CEO - I am redefining the meaning of entrepreneurship.


...aka the CEO who isn’t afraid of being multi-passionate, of saying “no” to the idea of compromising, and of going after all of her dreams (no matter how big or scary they seem).

"I want every woman on this planet to realize she can be and do anything she wants."

Hey, I’m Karina Ramos, and I’m a business coach, entrepreneur, CEO and founder of the stationery brand, Hustle Flow Daily. I provide business owners like you the tools and resources you need to turn your passions into profitable business empires and design your freedom™ on your own terms. 

My clients are multi-passionate leaders and true visionaries – they see the gaps and fill them.

And when I’m not helping them slay their goals and step into being the true CEOs they are, I’m traveling the world with my husband, Chris, in search of the frothiest vanilla latte and new ideas for my own business empire.

I started seeing                      when I finally got out of my own way.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for almost 12 years now – but I didn’t get here via a traditional route. It all started when I was in college in a prestigious pre-law program and I realized it was the complete opposite of what I really wanted to do with my life. 

I wanted to get to work with women and make them feel amazing and confident in themselves again. So, I started my first business as a stylist for women going back into the workforce after having children and experiencing a large pivot in their careers. This led me to getting trained as a hair and makeup artist, and I combined my styling/beauty business to work on projects such as the New York and Miami fashion weeks. 

I knew I wanted to do something different 

What I want for you to take from my story is that it involved a lot of trial and error –

Working in the beauty and fashion industries was fun but it soon led to burn out because I didn’t feel like I was truly making an impact anymore. I needed to switch things up (again) so as social media started to blow up, and I began to fall in love with being able to connect my work to a larger community, I took a position as Marketing Director at a local start up. I helped design and build over 120 new businesses within the few years I worked there, and although it was great, I still wanted to do more.

I wanted to work with clients on my own time, be able to travel regularly and not be restricted by working a rigid 9–5. I also knew I never wanted to be stuck on one general path of “success” – I am a multi-passionate person and proud of it. 

So, 8 years ago I decided to take the leap and finally start a business on my own terms, and I’ve never looked back.

For the first time, I created a business around the lifestyle I truly wanted to live. And as a result? My business gave me everything I needed to be able to work at it full-time, thrive financially and make the impact I knew I was capable of making.

My journey – having to dig into my passions, explore them and try them on for size before deciding whether it was truly for me or not – has instilled in me a great sense of awareness. 

And it’s that awareness, and my natural instinct to always follow my gut, which has helped me get where I am today. 

and that's ok!

I help them step into being the CEO they want and need to be, share their story, create clear systems they can scale with, and eliminate the fear that threatens to hold them back so that they can generate massive impact in their community using their unique gifts and talents.

My clients have published best-selling books, sold out retreats all over the world, generated millions in passive income revenue, landed major partnerships with Fortune 500 brands, built storefronts, and scaled their income. 

To put it plainly?

I’m obsessed with helping women become modern CEOs and generate financial and creative freedom. 

Now? I support visionary female leaders in showing up unapologetically as themselves.

20,000+ Women Impacted

18+ Countries World-Wide

$32+ Million Generated

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the milestones

February of 2017

I had been building my business on the side for years while working as a marketing coordinator at my 9-5. After feeling undervalued, underpaid, and having this discussion with my boss with no changes in sight - I quit my job and never looked back.  

July of 2017

I had my first $30k month and decided I wanted to completely restructure my business model from doing done for you services as an agency to 1:1 coaching. What I thought I wanted wasn't fulfilling to me anymore - I knew a shift was needed. 

December of 2018

I created and released my first product - a planner - that was the inspiration behind the launch of my second company - Hustle Flow Daily - a stationary company and community for the ambitious modern woman.

October of 2019

I was announced on the list of the Top 20 Coach’s Online by Rising Tide Society. What meant so much to me about this recognition is that it was submitted by my clients and students. 

October of 2019

We sold our belongings with the intention to travel the world and then everything changed at the beginning of 2020. We decided to fulfill our dreams anyways and packed our car up to take a road trip across the country (18 states!). My husband Chris and I literally talk about doing this trip again daily. 

March of 2021

I onboarded my dream team, moved to Miami, and made investments in my education that scared the ish out of me. These decisions also led to my most profitable year in business yet and created the clarity I needed to up level every area of my life. 

August of 2022

Now that everything was fully open and after a difficult few years, we put our belongings in storage, left our dream apartment in Miami and headed for Los Angeles, California where we become trainers of NLP and then started a 6-month journey traveling through Europe. We visited 9 countries! 

November of 2023

We made the decision to create a home base - again, yet we are always craving adventure. We decided to travel to Denver, Colorado and signed the lease on the first place we saw. I learned how to snowboard and I'm having fun re-learning my interest outside of my business. 

positano, Italy

the secret to my success

The Hustle Flow Daily Planner from Hustle Flow Daily is all about balancing business with daily self care and personal development to help you build your empire on a strong foundation. 

Your business is an extension of you which means your business won’t flourish if you don’t. The planner includes tons of writing space to track your business growth, organize your day (by the hour or even half hour!), and map out your monthly goals to design your freedom on your terms and help you step into being the modern CEO you want to be.

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