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A Fresh New Look And Insight Into Our Rebranding Process

Karina Ramos

This blog is from our 2018 rebrand process. We have clearly evolved a lot from the time this was written. It is still a great behind the scenes look at my creative process if you find yourself in the middle of a rebrand. Grab your favorite drink and dig in! 

The time has finally come…

MY REBRAND AND BRAND-SPANKIN’ NEW SITE (thanks to web design genius Macey Miller of Be Bold Design Studio)!!

Okay, sorry to shout, but I just can’t contain myself anymore! The past few months (6 to be exact) have been an INSANE voyage for my business and me, but it’s been SO worth it. Welcome to the new Voyage Society. Let’s dig in, shall we?

Why I Rebranded

Have you ever felt sort of… out of touch with yourself? Out of sync? Like you’re falling out of love a little bit?

We’ve all been there, but here’s why it’s a big deal: your love affair with yourself is the one that matters most in this life. Your love affair with your work, your life, your choices… it’s the pulse behind everything you do.

What happens when that pulse slows down? Girl, I can fucking tell you, because I just went through it.

I felt totally out of alignment with my brand. I LOVE my clients, the business I built, the brands I have the opportunity of working with but when I looked at my site and content, it felt like I was peeking into the past, somehow. My own imagery, my own content didn’t resonate with me. I felt out of step like I lived in a different town than my brand.

I had to ask myself: how is this possible when this is the exact thing I teach? What is going on with me? 

Here’s what I realized: we often preach the very thing we need to hear. Photographers aren’t out there booking shoots for themselves because they’re too busy behind the camera. And there are plenty of amazing chefs in the world that come home and eat Top Ramen at night.

I realized I was in desperate need of my own creative agency services, and I knew that this time, I wanted support through this process. With my current schedule and wanting to be fully invested in my client projects, I needed reinforcement. An extra pair of eyes on my brand that can help elevate it to the next level that I was envisioning. I wanted this rebrand to be a complete extension of ME and I only trusted one person to help me. Shout out to my girl Macey! With a clear vision of what I wanted, my ideal structure and creative vision, she was able to pull together my brand and take it up to level 1,000%. 

I’ve never had a rebrand feel as authentic and true to me as this one does. It’s a true representation of where I am right now in my business, and where I’m headed. I look at my brand now and I see the future, not the past.

Design by Be Bold Design Studio

How I Rebranded

It’s simple: I put myself through the exact process I take my one-on-one clients and legacy branding students through.

Every single assignment, every single journal prompt… I did them all. Before I started, I found myself teaching my summer round of Legacy Branding and feeling called to do the assignments myself, too. I followed that instinct, and it opened up a whole new world for me. By week 2, I was completely ready to hand over my baby and finally create a brand that matched my business. My legendary brand. 

I redid all of the assignments inside of my client attraction masterclass also because I really wanted to make sure I was aligning my brand vision to attract in my ideal client. 

The clarity I gained was so refreshing. I was able to fully explain what I envisioned to Macey, who was then able to transform the content I had into what you see today on the new Voyage Society website. 

Design by Be Bold Design Studio

Here’s How the Site Works

I am totally in love with my new site, and here’s why: I think it makes it easier than ever for you to find what you need and access the resources I create and curate for you. This site has the room to grow with me, and it’s truly designed with you in mind.

At The Voyage Society, I teach the importance of taking a holistic approach to your business. I care about focusing on your mindset, health and wellness, and brand in addition to modern business methodologies. My new site makes it easier to explore every aspect of what The Voyage Society is all about, from mindset trainings to business resources.

Did you know I create a podcast every week called Boss Talk? It’s so important to me; it’s my weekly check-in with you, where I get to interview some seriously badass women, spread positive messages, and provide resources for you to grow your business. The new site has a whole page dedicated to the Boss Talk podcast, so you can binge listen any time! Did you peep the Podcast media player on the home page also!?

I had so much fun creating new content for the site that’s fun for you, too. Check out the new quiz, “What Type of Entrepreneur You Are?” here! Let me know the results you get, too; I got Guru! My favorite sites are always engaging and fun, so I wanted to create some space for play.

I offer a ton of courses and trainings for the badass boss babe in every step of her entrepreneurial journey, and I’m excited to feature them on the new site. Whether you’re interested in working one on one with me, becoming a part of my Society Elite Mastermind, or hanging with me on the beach in Mexico, I know there’s a way I can help you up level in your life and business. 

I’m so fucking pumped on this new way I get to serve you, too: you can also work with my team for services your business needs! On the “Work with My Team” page, you can meet my kick-ass team and get in touch with them for whatever it is you’re looking for. Whether it is a new brand video, publishing your first book, or planning a retreat in the Bahama’s, my team and I are here to support you. I’ve spent a LOT of time vetting to find the best in the biz, and I want to help you by saving you some of that time!

Let’s Talk!

Although I’m a huge part of the rebrand of The Voyage Society, I have to say that at the end of the day, it’s all about you. My community, my clients, my audience… you’re why I do it. There’s nothing I love more than connecting with you, teaching you, and learning from you, and I’m just so excited for this new opportunity to do it BIGGER and BETTER.

What do you think about the rebrand and new site?! I would love to hear your feedback! Leave a comment below to get in touch.

Thanks for following my voyage, gorgeous!

Design by Be Bold Design Studio


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