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The CEO Retreat Experience

Karina Ramos

Last month I hosted the 2022 CEO Retreat in Los Cabos, Mexico and my heart is literally bursting with gratitude. I am still processing the transformation that occurred and the intentional vision that I watched unfold right before my eyes. 

You know that moment… when you have been visualizing something in your mind over and over again… then the actual moment comes and it’s even better than you could have imagined. It was truly perfect and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of women to have experienced this trip with. 

I want to take a second (or a few) to break down some of the takeaways I had from the trip and how it can support you in your journey because everything about this trip was curated with the intention of supporting each of my clients to embody the next level of their business and success. Along with a BTS look at how the trip was put together and what we did leading up to the trip that makes these retreats one of a kind. 

Like you, my clients are visionaries and as CEOs, we can be so IN the business, that we forget to take the time to build a clearer picture of the life and business we really want to cultivate. We start to fall into the mindset that the next strategy, course, or coach is going to lead us to the results we have been envisioning and working towards. 

Only to be met with the truth – YOU are the only one that holds the power to the success you desire. 

Building a clear vision and taking action from that inspired space is literally our super power as intuitive women in business. When we lean into our vision, we get the directions we need to move effortlessly into our unique path of success. Skyrocketing our results, our impact, our income. Why? Because we fully trusted ourselves to make it happen and we fully got behind the action that was required to bring that vision to life. 

Maybe you feel like you haven’t yet created the results you have been wanting in your business? You are working hard on those consistent $2k,$5K,$10k months and right now nothing seems to move the needle?

I want you to think about a time when you have created success in any other area of your life. Maybe it’s your commitment to the gym daily, or to your morning routine, or getting a degree. Whatever that thing is for you, you mastered it. Maybe it took you some time but eventually you mastered the thing that you said you were going to do. 

Your business isn’t any different. You have to lean into the vision where you see yourself committing to the success you know you are capable of creating. Trusting yourself to bring it to life because you know that when you fully get behind your dreams, you bring them to life. Every single time. 

During many of our conversations over the best food (whipped up by our private chefs of course) we found ourselves saying, “Damn, I wish women everywhere could hear this conversation”. “We wish they could all be in this space right now listening to each of these stories and seeing their own success in the vision of the women sitting next to her.” 

The power of proximity and putting yourself in situations, rooms, and conversations that completely shift the way you see everything is the fastest way to skyrocket your success. 

You remember your truth and are then held accountable by the women around you to boldly step into the vision you know you are ready for. 

On the first night, I presented Kayla with her Freedom Award which is given to all of my clients who generate their first six-figures in a year and it was a full circle moment. A year ago in the CEO Retreat in Tulum, she claimed her six-figure year. She said, “I am going to do it” – and a year later, she did. ​

When you decide you are available for more now, heaven and earth move in your favor.

You have to say yes to it first. You have to trust the answers will present themselves to you along the way because entrepreneurship is saying yes now and figuring it out as you go. 

So ask yourself, “Do my choices align with my desires? Is the action I am taking today leading me to where I want to be tomorrow?” 

I am truly honored my clients trusted me to hold this space for them to transform right before my eyes. That is why I created these trips. I know how potent they are and I am forever humbled I get to call this work. 6 years ago I was sitting at my 9-5 miserable af, highly underpaid, when I decided to take a chance on myself. 

The ripple effect I get to witness everyday because I said yes to my dreams is inspiring and I get to call this my life. It literally blows my own mind every single day and I am committed to supporting visionaries like you design your freedom™. Let’s get into it!

The Attendees 

Like I mentioned, the women I work with and who come to the CEO Retreat are visionaries. They are also matriarchs. Responsible for many elements of their personal lives, their business, and their communities. 

A big part of this experience is creating opportunities for them to just truly have fun, relax, and do the things that they genuinely love alongside powerful female founders doing the same. Watching the sun rise with a cup of coffee and a journal, a run, a dip in the pool, or the steam room. 

My team and I got to spoil each person because they truly deserve it. As their coach, it is my responsibility to guide them deeper into themselves so that they can truly be guided by their inspirations. We laughed, cried, and truly spoke about every topic you can possibly imagine. 

The biggest takeaway – we all go through the same thing – it just looks different at different levels. 

Putting yourself in a space where you are reminded that you are not alone is priceless. 

Every single day I guided each of them through powerful exercises that allowed them to eliminate the self imposed limitations in the way of what they want – sustainable success. This included a lot of journaling and identity exercises to boldly step into their next level.

*Peep at the workbook I used to guide them. (Psss – the 2023 CEO Retreat is now open if you want to save your spot in the next experience in Bali!)

So what does it take to truly scale your business?

The success mindset you need to envision the life you want to live and gain clarity on the action you need to take to catapult your business to the next level. 

Your beliefs determine your action. 

The biggest hurdle you have to overcome in your business is you mind and the beliefs that don’t serve the vision you have. When you change your beliefs, you change the way you show up, and take action. 

This is the work that truly works. 

The internal work is uncomfortable AF and we tend to prioritize our tasks and business strategy over sitting down and being honest with how we are in the way of the results we desire. 

It’s too easy to blame our strategy, social media, and other external factors for holding us back when in reality we are the only ones holding ourselves back. Which means we are also responsible for creating the results we desire. 

We have the power to become the version of ourselves that truly has everything we envision. 

Are you willing to do the work that will allow you to experience your dreams in your reality? 

Dig into my favorite resources inside of The Hub (it’s free!) to support you in developing the success mindset you and your business need to thrive. 

The Team 

Our bomb ass private chefs from Mindful Eats are always my go-to team. I have been working with them for years (if you have been to any of my events in the past, then you already know!) and I flew them from Florida for the best food – they outdid themselves every single night. Cherry and Gabriel stole the show as always and the food was out of this world.

We also had really yummy food on the yacht! The shrimp tacos were delicious. 

All of the photos in this post are from Kayla Mendez who is my go-to photographer.

Chris (my husband) who owns a media agency is my go-to videographer and creates all of the video content for our trips.  

Sienna is the queen behind all of our social media accounts and visuals. She is my DOM (Director of Marketing) and serves as creative director for all of our photoshoots and content creation shoots for our attendees and sponsors. 

The Support 

Leading up to the trip, from the moment the attendees register for the retreat, we begin our 1:1 coaching sessions to start bridging the gap between where they are and where they want to be. 

This allows them to come to the trip clear on what they want to work on and during our dedicated trainings during the retreat we dig deeper into each component of their business structure. The best part is that everyone agreed to have their sessions be open so that they can all hear them work through their business strategy and limiting beliefs keeping them from going all in on their business vision now. The shifts were powerful and the results are transformational.

Each attendee also gets the opportunity to create content for their brand. Leading up to the trip we have a brand evaluation session to plan their brand visuals, clothing, props, and overall vision for their profession photos and videos. The final shots are breathtaking. For many of the attendees, this is their first professional photoshoot for their business and it is so fun to have a group of hype women cheering you on and helping you create the best content for your brand.

The Location 

Los Cabos in Mexico is an actual dream. If you haven’t been yet, please add it to your list. 

If you can, plan your trip from December – April during whale season so you can see them right off the coast. We were lucky enough to see several during our yacht trip. 

The Excursions 

The excursions are truly what make a retreat a retreat. When putting the itinerary together I always consider the desires of the attendees and how to best explore the location we are visiting. Before the trip everyone submits a questionnaire giving my team insight into how they want to spend their time during the retreat. It gives me a great guiding point to ensure the energy is balanced and our excursions really create an opportunity for us to connect, have fun, and truly embody the CEOs that we are.

Spa Day at the Viceroy 

The Viceroy closed the entire spa for us and it was such a relaxing experience. We were pampered and had an opportunity to just be and soak up the moment.

Yacht Day

We went out and explored Los Cabos from the ocean for some of the best hours of our lives. We saw whales, ate delicious food, and set powerful intentions together.

Bonfire Night at the Hilton Los Cabos

Our last excursions was an evening on the beach roasting marshmallows, eating s’mores, and listening to the waves crash. It was incredibly intentional and the perfect way to wrap up the retreat.

The Sponsors 

I partnered with 13 female founded brands for this retreat and it was an honor being able to collaborate with each of their teams and founders. 

The Feedback

Check out the rest of the testimonials here!

Hosting Your Own Retreat Or Live Event 

Have you ever wanted to host your own retreat or live event? Head to The Hub now (it’s free!) to take the training where I guide you through planning and executing your next event. Your community is looking for a way to connect with you on a deeper level. Events are a great way to do that.

Are you ready to secure your spot now and experience the CEO Retreat in Bali!?

This is for the CEO that is ready to expand her legendary brand and embody the next version of the modern CEO within her (in complete style and luxury of course because we both know you deserve it). 

This is not your average vacation. 

We are going to dig deep into your brand in the months leading up to the retreat. During our time together at the retreat, you will be working with me and my team to execute your brand imagery and strategy.

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