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Using Quizzes To 10x Your Business Leads

Karina Ramos


How many nights have you found yourself scrolling through Facebook at 2 AM to find yourself 10 minutes into a quiz that is going to tell you what type of Oreo you are? (No shame here!) I know I have had my fair share of Oreo quizzes but over the past year I have also started to take part in quizzes from some of my favorite online entrepreneurs that gave me insight into what my productivity is like and even what my ideal brand color should be based on what I want my ideal client to feel.

Quizzes are now an easy way to connect with your ideal client, build your email list and capture information about your audience that you may not have had access to before. When I started incorporating quizzes onto my website, I noticed my audience was spending more time on my site actually consuming my content and my email list was growing every single day. I started to incorporate quizzes into my client’s marketing strategy and started to see similar results on their website and content as well.

In my private Facebook group the other day, I shared the results of my new quiz ‘What Type Of Entrepreneur Are You?’ and I received the same feedback over and over,

“I love taking quizzes but I have no idea how to set one up for my business or what I should base my quiz on.”

So today, I got you!

Picking a Quiz Idea

When picking a topic for your new quiz, keep your ideal client in mind. What are her pain points? What is she struggling with? What questions is she asking herself that she is needing answers or clarity on? If you are not clear on who your ideal client is, head to The Hub to take the Client Attraction Masterclass and then hurry back over here!

By knowing what your ideal client is seeking answers to, it gives you the opportunity to create a quiz around her pain points that gives her clarity on what her next steps should be to get the result she is after.

For example:

If you are a wedding planner, you may create a quiz called, “Do You Really Need A Wedding Planner?”. This is going to give your ideal client clarity on a question she is asking herself and lead her into the next step of your sales process you would want her to take. Helping her realize that yes, she does need an event planner and then giving her the next step for making that a reality.

If you are a life coach, you may create a quiz called, “Are you ready to live your next level life?”. This is going to highlight pain points that your ideal client may be struggling with that is giving her insight into how to take action towards her goals. She is ready to release limiting beliefs that are holding her back from living her next level life and through your quiz, you want to help her realize that you or your products/services are a solution to her pain points.

Do you see how easy it is to come up with a quiz topic once you know who you are speaking to and who you are creating the quiz for? Once you have your quiz topic outlined, on a piece of paper or my personal favorite, a dry erase board, start to brainstorm questions and ideas for how you want your quiz to flow.

Selecting a Quiz Platform

I personally LOVE Interact. They integrate with Aweber, which is my email provider. They have the best analytics and making a quiz within their platform is a breeze. They have dozens of quiz templates already made that you can use as the foundation for your own quiz. With Interact you can have your first quiz up and running in under 30 minutes.

Getting Started

Your first step is to create your account within Interact and select the orange button in the top right of your home interface labeled, create new quiz.

You will be lead to this next page where you are going to select either a template to get started with your quiz or you are going to make it from scratch. If this is your first time building a quiz, I highly suggest using a template to get you going.

The next screen will ask you what industry you are in. They have over 20 different industries listed so you should have no problem finding yours. Since you are selecting quizzes that were made for your particular industry you are going to find examples of what is already working. This will help make building your quiz an effortless process.

Once you have selected your industry, your next step is to determine what type of quiz you actually want to create. Tip: If you are creating a quiz for one of your courses, you can use the scored quiz type to actually grade your students on their performance or retention of the information.

After you select the type of quiz you want, you will be lead to a screen that contains a ton of quiz templates that are already ready to go. They contain questions, answer choices, and images. You want to create a custom look and feel to your quiz though so that it stands apart and gives your ideal client instant brand recognition.

Brand Recognition

Making sure your quiz is branded is key in building brand recognition and trust with your ideal client. Interact allows you to change the colors of the quiz to match your branding and allows you to customize the images within the quiz. You even have control over fonts and font colors. Since it is branded, I can easily embed my quiz onto any part of my website and not worry about how it is going to flow.

Your cover image and quiz description are the first thing that people see. Make sure it is eye-catching, branded and tells your ideal client what they can expect from taking the quiz.

Your Question, Answers, + Results

Interact makes it easy to outline your questions, your answer choices and your results. Writing my questions came naturally to me because I am so tuned into my ideal client but if this is something that you struggle with, I would map it out on paper first. You want your questions and answers to bring them to the resolution you know they are looking for.

Interact allows you to match each answer to a result easily with the click of a button.

You can customize the images on each question and the possibilities are endless for how you can craft a results page that gives your ideal client the clarity she is looking for plus leading her into what her next steps should be to continue developing what she learned while taking the quiz.


Your results page should be detailed and provide your ideal client with insight into what her next steps should be. Get creative on this page and really guide her through your sales process. Maybe her next step should be to join your private Facebook group or it could be to schedule a call with you. Whatever you feel is the next necessary step for her to take to get the desired results or clarity that she is looking for.

Capturing Leads

A huge reason why I love Interact is that it makes capturing leads and sending my quiz takers an automatic email sequence a breeze using their platform. Now I can nurture them into future products or additional resources that I feel will help them based off of their results.

Tip: Interact also has a ‘Skip This Step’ feature which actually allows your quiz taker the opportunity to bypass entering their email in and still access their results. Personally, I love this feature because it allows the quiz to feel super low pressure by allowing the client to make the choice and still not miss out. I have actually noticed that with this feature on, almost no one bypasses it but it does build trust with your audience.

After you edit your opt-in form, you are going to be lead to a screen that will allow you to integrate your quiz with your email provider. I use Aweber and I make sure to create a new list within Aweber to segment my quiz users and send them individualized content.

Final Steps

Once you have your quiz integrated, it is time for you to share your quiz! The placement of your quiz is important. You want to put your quiz in areas where you have high traffic. I suggest having your quiz on your website home page as a call to action is going to be the best placement for it. You can also place your quiz within your email newsletter and even share it on Facebook as an ad.

Wrapping it up

Integrating quizzes into your business is now easier than ever and with access to Interacts amazing features, you can now create solid sales funnels using your new quiz that is going to help you nurture your ideal client and maximize sales.

There are so many different ways to use quizzes in your business but the most important thing is to create a quiz for YOUR ideal client. Get creative and really tune into what she needs from you and your business. Try Interact for free now and get started on your quiz! Tag me on Instagram @thekarinaramos and share your thoughts with me as you are building your quiz.

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